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Coronavirus: Engineering services recovery

Our Business Recovery page provides all the latest industry-relevant information and guidance on the following topics:

Commercial and Legal, Health and Safety, Employment, Technical, Industry, Government Support and other support for business.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, ECA has produced extensive industry-relevant information, guidance and practical tools to help engineering services businesses deal with the crisis. As our sector looks to business recovery – while managing the risk of COVID-19 – this dedicated ‘Business Recovery’ webpage continues to provide important information and guidance to help businesses to safely maintain and build capacity across our sector. 
While some information on the Business Recovery page is available to all, other content on this increasingly important page is for the benefit of ECA Members only.

Please note that information on this page should also be read with reference to the latest national, devolved, regional or local rules and guidance regarding protection from COVID-19. 

05 Nov Industry Self-employed grant (SEISS)
20 Oct Industry CLC Site Operating Procedures (SOP) - Version 6
14 July Industry Summary Guide on Disputes & Collaboration
14 July Industry Guidance on Future Proofing
14 July Industry Guidance on Record Keeping
06 July Industry Obtaining Bonds/Surety during COVID-19
06 July Member Only Professional Indemnity Insurance Guidance
04 July Industry Site Operating Procedures - Version 5
02 July Member Only Commercial Insolvency Changes
26 May Member Only Coronavirus - Contractual Issues
This is summary guidance on what contractual issues will
need to be
considered in light of COVID-19. Please click here
for a related webinar.
26 May  Member Only Contracts Force Majeure 18.05.20
26 May  Member Only Coronavirus Government Loan Schemes 18.05.20
19 May  Industry  Site Operating Procedures v4
07 May  Industry CLC Guidance on contractual disputes 
How industry can protect and collaborate to avoid disputes and 
accommodate the impact of COVID-19
07 May  Industry Government guidance to businesses on responsible contractual behaviour
06 May Member Only Coronavirus - Commercial Self Employment 
A guide to the Government support system for the self-employed
23 Apr Industry Open for business: list of electrotechnical sector wholesalers
16 Apr Industry Site Operating Procedures v3
16 Apr Member Only Template - Commercial letter SOP compliance
Precedent letter for sending to principal contractors to
confirm safe site conditions
16 Apr Industry Coronavirus - Travel to work letter template
This template is for those who need to provide employees/sub-contractors
with a letter of authorisation to confirm why they are travelling to
work (which cannot be
 performed remotely), should they be
requested by the authorities
09 Apr  Member Only Coronavirus - Procurement Policy Note - Government Procurement
As a direct or indirect public sector supplier, you could use this as the
basis for
 negotiating critical payment and other contractual relief measures.
08 Apr   Member Only Coronavirus - Procurement Policy Note - Supplier Relief
As a direct or indirect public sector supplier, you can use this as the basis
for negotiating critical payment and other contractual  relief measures
02 Apr Industry Site Operating Procedure v2
This CLC version was live for a matter of hours, and any businesses who
took decisions based on this should seek legal advice. This has been
superseded by v4 (please see H&S section below for details)
23 Mar  Industry Site Operating Procedures v1
Initial guidance from the Construction Leadership Council on working on site.
This has been superseded by v4 (please see H&S section  below for details)
23 Mar  Member Only Coronavirus - Retention of Title Guidance
This guidance covers legal and commercial issues to be considered when
assessing who has title (ownership) of goods, materials, plant and tools
23 Mar Industry Coronavirus - Debtor Insolvency Guidance
19 Mar Industry Coronavirus - Business Continuity Planning
This document outlines key strategic areas for a business to consider in
assimilating their business continuity planning.
12 Apr 21 Member Only Employment Guidance - Dealing with Coronavirus in the Workforce 
ECA employment guidance on dealing with the impact of Coronavirus and measures to combat Coronavirus in the workforce. Includes guidance on the end of shielding and employees who refuse to submit to a workplace COVID-19 test or decline to be vaccinated.
18 Mar 21 Member Only ECA Furlough Guidance
ECA guidance on all aspects of furlough and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme following its extension to 30th September. Provides overview of relevant UK Government guidance; frequently asked questions and answers; and, sample letters for employers to adapt and use, covering flexible furlough, full-time furlough and returning to work.
02 Mar 21 Member Only Employment Guidance - Dealing with Coronavirus in the Workforce 
ECA employment guidance on dealing with the impact of Coronavirus and measures to combat Coronavirus in the workforce. Latest version includes updated guidance on employees who refuse to submit to a workplace COVID-19 test or decline to be vaccinated.
21 Jan 21 Member Only Introduction to LFD Testing
BEIS is working with the Department of Health & Social Care on a scheme of asymptomatic COVID-19 testing at various ‘large workplaces’ (>250 people), which will include construction sites. The following provides an update, for
contractors who may be affected by the initiative.
21 Dec Member Only

Alternatives to Furlough and Redundancy
This ECA guide summarises various courses of action open to employers wishing to avoid redundancies  outside, or in addition to, the Government’s furlough arrangements. Measures include reductions in hours and/or pay, annual holidays, leave on reduced or no pay, temporary lay-off and labour loan/secondment arrangements. The guide also provides sample letters for employers to adapt and use.

09 Dec Member Only

Keeping Apprentices in Employment
This updated ECA guide covers various measures ECA members can take to keep their apprentices in employment in the event of further business disruption.Options include full and partial returns to work, furlough and flexible furlough. 
The guide also looks  in detail at the further option of apprentice temporary secondment to another employer, including the benefits this can provide for all concerned and the practical steps involved in setting such an arrangement up. 

Further details about ECA’s own apprentice temporary secondment support service can be found here

01 Dec Member Only Collective Redundancy Consultation Guidance
Detailed ECA guidance on additional collective consultation requirements for larger redundancies (20 or more), including COVID-19 related considerations. Companion to ECA Managing Redundancy Guidance.
30 Nov Member Only

Managing Redundancy Guidance
Comprehensive ECA guidance and resources for conducting a redundancy exercise, whether large or small. Includes step-by-step procedural guidance and sample selection criteria, assessment form and letters. Also covers COVID-19 related considerations. Companion to ECA Collective Redundancy Consultation Guidance.

13 Nov Industry HMRC guidance: Claim for wages through the Coronavirus Job
Retention Scheme

Provides checklists of information required in order to submit a claim using the HMRC online claims portal.
13 Nov Industry HMRC guidance: Check if you can claim for your employees' wages
through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Covers employer eligibility requirements; the form and content of furlough/ flexible furlough agreements, including minimum furlough periods; and, employment rights and income tax/ NI treatment of workers whilst on furlough.
13 Nov Industry HMRC guidance: Steps to take before calculating your claim using the
Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Covers decisions about the length of claim periods; how to calculate wages or grant claim purposes; and how to calculate furloughed and worked hours.
13 Nov Industry HMRC guidance: Check which employees you can put on furlough
to use the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Covers worker eligibility requirements.
12 Nov Industry

DfE/ ESFA guidance for apprentices, employers, training providers, etc.
Includes guidance on ways to maintain apprentices’ progress despite college closures and/or furlough. 

10 Nov Industry HMRC guidance: Reporting employees' wages to HMRC when you've claimed
through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Covers different HMRC reporting requirements, depending on whether the grant is being used to pay wages, to reimburse wages already paid, or to top up part-payment of wages.
10 Nov Industry HMRC guidance: Calculate how much you can claim using the Coronavirus
Job Retention Scheme

Covers record keeping requirements and methods for various calculations, including the maximum wage amount, 80% of the usual wage and what can be claimed for employer pension and NI contributions.
10 Nov Industry HMRC guidance on claiming back SSP paid to employees
during COVID-19

Defines who is eligible and how to go about making a claim – including link to online claims portal
06 Nov Industry Dept of Health guidance on Coronavirus: getting tested
Defines who is eligible for a test (including construction workers) and how to go about booking a test, either by self-referral or employer referral.
20 July Industry Rishi Sunak’s Plan for Jobs – Skills and Employment Measures
This ECA guidance note summarises and reviews various measures included in the Chancellor’s announcement on 8th July 2020 – including enhanced incentive payments for hiring a new apprentice, extra funding for full-time courses and work experience placements, and a new Job Retention Bonus covering previously furloughed employees. The updated version (20th July) highlights one important detail, which is that employers in England must be registered with the ESFA
Apprenticeship Service before hiring a new apprentice, if they wish to claim the enhanced incentive payment.


20 May 21 Industry

Site working
In view of the May government announcement that the potential spread of the coronavirus ‘Indian variant’ might delay further relaxation of social distancing measures beyond 21 June, the latest version (version 7) of the Site Operating Procedures (SOP) remain vitally important for our sector and the wider industry.

Where employees and other workers need to attend or work on site, Members should continue to implement the current Site Operating Procedures until further notice.

The SOP will be reviewed by the industry following any further government announcement into social distancing or other protective measures.

FE Training 
Following the easing of coronavirus restrictions on 17 May, schools, colleges and other further education settings are now open for face‐to‐face teaching.

However, there has been no further guidance on resuming face‐to‐face training in the workplace, and Members should continue to determine if any necessary training can be undertaken remotely or is essential, as they may need to explain how they are complying with the current restrictions, which include working from home where possible.

ECA has produced guidance on how to carry out site training for apprentices, with suitable precautions, accessible below.

08 Apr 21 Industry

Rapid Flow Testing at work/home

The Government has set up several routes to free rapid COVID-19 testing. The main routes are:

05 Mar 21 Industry

Protective screens in vehicles

Government guidance on the fitting of protective screens (in taxis) but which may also be of use to those considering or fitting such screens in work vans etc. 

21 Jan 21 Industry Details of the free national Community Testing Programme,
and basic information on lateral flow testing 
07 Jan 21 Industry

CLC Site Operating Procedures (SOP) - Version 7

SOP v7 has been updated to reflect Government guidance in England.
The changes in v7 are minor, including updates on self-isolation and
shielding and the removal of the requirement to display a QR code in
site canteens

02 Nov Industry Contact tracing and how to pause contact tracing
22 Oct Industry

Summary of Tier 3 (very high alert) restrictions and continued domestic
and other activity (England & Wales)

For work purposes the existing ECA
summary is still relevant: updated guidance for England is here. And for Wales
is here.

20 Oct Industry CLC Site Operating Procedures (SOP) - Version 6
29 Sept Member Only Use of face coverings in construction during COVID-19 - updated 29 Sept
The CLC has issued updated guidance regarding the use of face coverings at work
25 Sept Member Only Car Sharing
11 Sept Industry COVID-19: Dealing with outbreaks at work
14 Aug Industry COVID-19 and Engineering Services: guidance (GN 2)  version 2.3.1
Updated ECA/BESA GN2: notably to reflect CLC guidance on face coverings
02 Aug Industry Reporting outbreaks of coronavirus
PHE Construction 'Action Card' how to recognise, contain and report incidents of coronavirus
27 July Member Only Face covering guidance
15 July Industry Government guidance on disposing of used/contaminated materials
13 July Industry Enabling apprentice workplace travel and site supervision - Site Tasks
Enabling apprentice workplace travel and site supervision - Workplace Travel
06 July Industry Work Safe - Safe Work Guide
ECA-supported information from Trustmark on working in domestic premises.
29 June  Industry Working safely in construction and other outdoor work (updated 24 June)
25 June Industry Enabling apprentice travel and onsite activity
Guidance on how to enable apprentices to travel to and between worksites, and
undertake site training activity at closer proximity
19 June Member only Summary of HSE information on RPE and face coverings
16 June Industry

Using eRAMS to manage COVID risk?
COVID risk assessment example using ECA's eRAMS (risk assessment
method statement service) - free to ECA Members.

Find out more about eRAMS here.

12 June Industry Government guidance on travel, including on public transport
04 June Member only Site safety return to work checklist
01 June Member only Coronavirus: health and safety-related law and guidance
This guidance describes the legal framework and considerations
for health & safety risk for employers
27 May  Industry COVID-19 and Engineering Services: guidance (GN 3) ​
Work-related travel
This guidance has been drawn up by ECA and the BESA.
27 May  Industry COVID-19 and Engineering Services: guidance (GN 1) revised
​​COVID-19: use of PPE/RPE in higher risk environments.
This guidance has been drawn up by  ECA and the BESA.
18 May Industry Mental Health Week - Team tips
05 May Industry Short Video animation: Safely undertaking domestic electrical work
27 Apr Industry Coronavirus: Reducing risk between work and home
22 Apr Industry Coronavirus: Useful safety signs for your use
16 Apr Industry Template - Letter to commercial clients
​Letter for issue when undertaking work for commercial clients
16 Apr Industry Coronavirus - Template letter to domestic customers
​Letter for issue when undertaking work for domestic clients
03 Apr Industry ECA Coronavirus Tool Box Talk v2
​This general coronavirus health and safety Toolbox Talk may be adapted
as necessary to suit individual Member company needs.
14 Jan Industry CLC letter to industry to SCG
25 Sept Member Only Government Announcements
08 July Industry ECA CLC Recovery Roadmap
03 July Industry Travel advice toolkit for the construction industry
16 June Industry National Infrastructure and Construction Procurement Pipeline 2020/21
11 June Industry Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information for individuals
and businesses in Wales

Updated information on the Job Retention Scheme and details about
business closures in Wales.
01 June Industry CLC Roadmap to Recovery
18 May  Industry Welsh Government Traffic Light Roadmap
20-page Traffic Light Roadmap to explain the next
steps towards easing the lockdown
14 May  Industry Coronavirus: 14th May Updates
12 May  Member Only Concise summary of the Government's 'Recovery Roadmap'
12 May Industry Government's Recovery Roadmap
06 May Industry Government support and announcements
​Comprehensive regularly updated document on industry-relevant
UK Government support and announcements


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