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ECA Commercial Associate

Maximising your opportunities for engagement and products and services awareness

This category is open to industry manufacturers, distributors and service providers seeking greater interaction with ECA’s membership of nearly 3,000 UK-based businesses.

Industry Suppliers

Maximising your opportunities for engagement, and awareness of your products and services

The Commercial Associate category is available to industry manufacturers, distributors and service providers. Joining provides greater interaction with ECA’s membership of nearly 3000 businesses across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, who together generate an annual turnover in excess of £6 billion.  

What is an ECA Commercial Associate?

An ECA category available to all industry manufacturers, distributors and service providers. It provides a mutually beneficial opportunity to engage more closely with ECA, its regional offices and ECA Members.

Commercial Associates have access to the following great opportunities and benefits...

  • ECAtoday website sponsorship and advertising

  • ECAtoday supplement sponsorship

  • e-advertising: e-newsletter banner with ECAtoday

  • National event sponsorship

  • Cross-regional event sponsorship/exhibiting

  • Regional event sponsorship/exhibiting

  • ECA (and FSA*) national events/exhibition collaboration

  • Prestige awards and initiatives sponsorship (e.g. ECA Industry Awards)

In addition to this, you receive all the benefits as listed on the right of the page 🢂

How much does it cost?

The fee to become an ECA Commercial Associate and take advantage of all the above services and benefits is determined by the annual turnover of your business as follows:

Turnover Annual Subscription
Up to £5 Million £670
£5 Million to £12 Million £1,340
Over £12 Million £2,680

IMPORTANT: ECA requires that suppliers that participate in the ECA Commercial Associate programme ensure that the products they supply conform to the latest European industry standards. 

*FSA is the Fire & Security specialist area of ECA

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