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BSI Online Standards Library

Are you making the most of your membership?

ECA has exclusive subscription rates for Members to the BSI Online Standards Library. The library features over 80 electrical and electronic installation British Standards, reviewed and updated quarterly.

Purchasing and maintaining installation standards can be an expensive and time consuming task. However, it is an essential requirement to ensure and prove your business is up to date with the installation requirements and best practice.

ECA has secured an exclusive subscription for all its Members to BSI Online Standards Library - with a 12 month subscription of only £100.00 + VAT for 80 standards with access for up to 5 users! Potentially saving ECA Members up to £18k per year.

To view the current standards available, click here.

ECA consult with Members every 3 months to guarantee the library offers the latest and most relevant standards. To have your say for the next update, complete our short survey here.

The ECA consults with Members every 3 months, to guarantee the library offers the latest and most relevant standards. To have your say for the next update, complete our short survey here

The BSI Standards are designed to work with the Adobe PDF software, either Acrobat or Reader. However if you are using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, these browsers contain their own PDF viewers, which are not compatible with opening and downloading the Standards.

ECA has created step-by-step guidance on how to view standards in all web browsers.

To add your colleagues to the BSI online licences user list, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to My ECA and click BSI Documents - view
  3. Click ‘Manage’ (all users can request a receipt by click Receipt: resend)
  4. Any members who have multiple web account users will see all web account users in  the Available active users list. To add them they will have a blue button to the right saying Add
  5. This will send an email to the colleague you’re adding, as well as to the nominated representative and BSI representative to let them know this colleague has access.
  6. You can change the BSI Representative at any point – this needs to be done from either the BSI Representative’s account or the Nominated Representative’s account.
  7. You will need to choose someone else on the licence to move this role to – if you do not select someone else the change cannot be completed and the original BSI Representative will remain.
  8. You will have the option of removing the user completely from the licence or just removing
    the BSI Representative role from them.
  9. Emails will be sent to the user, the Nominated Representative and the new BSI Representative  confirming the changes made.

You can purchase BSI Online Standards access for up to 5 users.

Licences are valid for 12 months and renewal notices will be issued in advance of the licence expiring.

All of the certification bodies, including NICEIC, BSI, NSI and SSAIB have agreed that electronic access to Standards is acceptable for their respective certification schemes.In other words, ECA Members that have access to the online library no longer need to purchase hardcopies.

Read the BSI terms & conditions from here