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Other Campaigns

Leading The Charge

Harnessing clean electricity is the single most important factor in reaching net zero. At ECA we know the electric transformation needs people with the right skills. Safety, like the words in a stick of Brighton rock, runs through every aspect of installation and use of new technologies. ‘Leading the Charge’ shows why skills and safety are the bedrock of the transition to net zero. 

Cash Retentions

Cash retentions are monies held back by larger contractors and clients from subcontractors if issues of non-performance arise such as defects on work undertaken. This practice is widely abused. We are pressing for reform. 

Fair Payment

ECA works with government and partners to press for equitable business behaviour in the construction industry. In particular, we are focused on ensuring that specialist contractors are paid the full amount due on time.

Reports, Research & Surveys

ECA undertakes research on behalf on the industry, covering a wide range of key topics. This includes the ECA's industry-leading Building Engineering Survey (in association with Scolmore), which provides quarterly analysis of sector trends.