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Leading the Charge

Featuring stories about the accelerating pace of electrification

Harnessing clean electricity is the single most important factor in reaching net zero

For over a century ECA has worked for a safe and fair electricity market. In the future most our energy will come from electricity. Low carbon energy is the biggest change in how we use electricity since Victorian times. One hundred years ago ECA was in the vanguard of introducing modern electrical installation. Once more we are in the vanguard of the transition to net zero.

Harnessing clean electricity is the single most important factor in reaching net zero in the UK by 2050. We simply cannot achieve our emissions targets without it.

‘Leading the Charge’ is a new venture which features stories showing the efforts to accelerate electrification in the UK. Stories which include the development and application of innovative systems and technologies, how we are attracting a new generation to the sector, excellence in collaboration and an evolving policy framework.

At ECA we know the electric transformation needs people with the right skills. Along with technical knowhow, collaborating with others will be vital. Safety, like the words in a stick of Brighton rock, runs through every aspect of installation and use of new technologies. ‘Leading the Charge’ shows why skills and safety are the bedrock of the transition to net zero.

ECA Members and others from the world of business, education and science are overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities to make low carbon living a reality. From now until Christmas, we’ll be releasing films, podcasts and articles every week showing you how.


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The Green Pivot


The cost of energy, coupled with the UK’s commitment to reach net zero carbon by 2050, is driving the demand for low-carbon and energy saving solutions.

Electrotechnical contractors are leading the way in the Green Pivot. They are tackling high energy bills for domestic and business customers, while at the same time reducing the UK’s carbon emissions.

Discover the low-carbon and energy saving opportunities for the electrotechnical contractor.

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