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About ECA

ECA has been a driving force in the electrotechnical and engineering services industry since the Association's formation in 1901. ECA continues to work on improving standards, supporting the industry and creating a sustainable business environment.

"ECA’s commercial and technical support and guidance for Members is second to none"

ECA is the UK’s leading trade association for the electrotechnical and wider engineering services industry. We aim to drive growth and prosperity for the industry and our Member organisations, and we’d like you to join our journey.

ECA History

Founded in 1901, ECA was established to represent the interests of contractors who designed, installed, inspected, tested and maintained electrical and electronic equipment and services.

ECA played a particularly important part in the 1920s and 1930s when electric power was introduced to most houses. Before this time, and the formation of the National Grid, electricity was supplied at different voltages and frequencies.

ECA Group Companies

We shape our industry through our group and partner network. Many organisations that are involved in improving industry standards and embracing positive change are the direct result of ECA involvement or engagement with ECA on an ongoing basis.   

Industry Partners

We work with a range with key industry partners to improve standards and increase opportunity.

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Careers at ECA

Whether you are technically minded, commercially orientated or have other skills that can contribute to our business, we may have an opportunity for you. 

We employ people in a broad range of functions, including Technical Services, Commercial, Contractual and Legal, Marketing, Public Affairs and Digital.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We help Member companies to consider and produce policy statements covering relevant CSR and sustainability issues.