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Complaints Procedure

Please find the 'Complaint/Guarantee Claims' Form at the bottom of the page...

ECA Complaints Management Procedure

1.0 Customer care

1.1 Customers that employ ECA Registered companies will understand that they are using a firm that operates to British and/or international standards, industry best practice, and a standard of workmanship that is generally good practice in their trade, and incorporated within the ECA’s Code of Fair Trading.

1.2 As part of the qualifying criteria for ECA Membership, companies must have procedures in place that give proper consideration to customer complaints with an aim to resolve all disputes wherever possible.

As a general rule, complaints should always be addressed to the individual, or Company, with the direct contractual responsibility for the work carried out. In some cases this may not be the individual contractor but a Building Company, or ‘main-contractor’, and it would be their responsibility to investigate your complaint.

Should complaints remain unresolved after this process has been followed they should then be submitted to the ECA’s Complaints Management Procedure.

1.3 The ECA has an obligation to carry out quick, user-friendly and effective procedures for dealing with such complaints, including a resolution process that attempts to arrange a solution acceptable to both parties. The ECA’s Complaints Management Procedure satisfies this obligation and is set out below.

2.0 Complaints against an ECA Member

2.1 Complaints about ECA Registered Members must be made in writing to:

ECA Complaints Administrator

Membership Department

ECA Court

24-26 South Park

TN13 1DU

Tel: 020 7313 4800

Email: [email protected]

An ECA Complaints Record Form is attached – additional copies can be downloaded from the Complaints section of the ECA website,

2.2 Upon receipt of a written complaint about an ECA Registered Member, the Complaints Administrator will contact the company to verify that their own complaints procedure has been completed. Where the registered company has no knowledge of the complaint, the complainant will be referred back to the original contractor. The ECA Complaints Management Procedure will only apply where the contractors’ own complaints procedure has failed to satisfy the requirements of the customer.

2.3 All written complaints will be reviewed by the ECA Complaints Handler to determine the nature of the complaint and the course of action appropriate. The complaint will be acknowledged, to the complainant and involved ECA Member, wherever practicable, within a maximum of five working days, and will include an outline of the proposed course of action.

3.0 How disputes will be determined

3.1 The general nature of the complaint will determine the course of action taken, and for the purposes of this procedure complaints are classified under two board headings – ‘workmanship’ or ‘contractual’.


3.2 In a case of complains about the workmanship of an ECA Member, an Inspection on Demand facility will be offered to the customer. This is an independent technical inspection of the work to assess compliance with ‘Relevant Standards’. As a matter of policy that involved ECA Member will be in attendance at the inspection to identify both the work they directly responsible for, and any related contractual considerations.

3.3 A formal Inspection Report will be provided to all parties, and used as the basis for all related remedial work. The ECA Member should always be given the opportunity to correct any non-conformances, and this will be at no extra-cost to the Client.

3.4 If, following such an inspection, the ECA Member fails to put right any work which does not meet the ‘Relevant Standards’ of the ECA’s Warranty, where applicable, may provide a remedy for consumers to have defective work put right by a separate ECA Member.

Complaints/Guarantee Claims Form
















(Please include details of how the contractor has been given an opportunity to correct the work)


To enable a prompt review, please provide copies of any contracts/quotations, warranties, certification and any related correspondence. Please add just one document containing all relevant information.