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Key Employment Data

26 Mar 21 | (PDF, 265 kB)

This guidance provides latest rates of statutory payments, upper & lower limits on employment tribunal awards, together with the current & future JIB agreed wages and allowances.


ECA Guidance on Collateral Warranty

30 Mar 17 | (PDF, 296 kB)

Guidance which introduces and explains what a Collateral Warranty means.


ECA Model Conditions of Purchase Guidance

30 Mar 17 | (PDF, 272 kB)

For use where general-use materials are to be board and/or as a basis for a negotiated contract of supply.


ECA Model Conditions of Sub-Sub-Contract

30 Mar 17 | (PDF, 651 kB)

To provide a basis upon which members can subcontract their obligations to a mechanical or other partner.


ECA Model Conditions of Tender and Contract

30 Mar 17 | (PDF, 190 kB)

To provide general terms when contracting business to business or when making an offer to a general contractor.


ECA Model Domestic Consumer Contract

30 Mar 17 | (PDF, 448 kB)

A basic series of terms and conditions that can be employed when contracting in the "domestic" consumer market.