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Lightning Protection Systems (Earthing Specialists)

Earthing specialists are key in developing the right solutions to overcome potential risks associated with electricity. 

Correctly designed and installed earthing systems are essential part of an electrical installation which safeguards buildings from damage associated with lightning strikes, defends physical infrastructure from the disruptive effects of electromagnetic impulses and, most importantly, protects people from injury or even death through the presence of dangerous voltages.

Earthing specialists are involved in a number of applications including: High and low voltage earthing, generator earthing, anti-static earthing, sub-station earthing, electro-magnetic pulse protection, industrial and commercial installations, lightning protection and rail engineering.

ECA plays a pivotal role in this arena, proactively working with the wider industry, relevant stakeholders and standard setting organisations with a focus on improving professionalism, creating commercial opportunities for members and successfully representing the vast array of contractors in this critical field of expertise. 

As an earthing specialist, ECA membership provides clients with the confidence and assurance that ECA member companies not only deliver the highest calibre of work possible, but are also supported by an organisation that ensures they have the tools to perform at their peak.

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