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Employers are obliged by law to introduce and operate a disciplinary procedure.

This section provides employers with effective tools to manage discipline among its employees, including step-by step guidance on a compliant disciplinary procedure and template letters to support you through the process.  In addition, you can find a concise sample discipline procedure for small businesses. 

Having a disciplinary procedure enables an employer to deal fairly and consistently with employees who breach the rules. The procedure can be used to address an employee's behaviour (‘misconduct’) or performance (‘capability’)

Before starting a disciplinary procedure, you should first see whether the problem can be resolved in an informal way. This can often be the quickest and easiest solution. However, where an issue cannot be resolved informally then it may be pursued formally. 

Managing Discipline


ACAS disciplinary policy template

Download template

Useful links 

  • ACAS Code of Practice, outlines the minimum procedure you should follow.  You should also use this if you do not have a disciplinary procedure. Read ACAS Code of Practice.
  • ACAS offers comprehensive guidance on completing investigations. Read the ACAS conducting workplace investigation.
  • Electrical Industry Charity, provides support for those working in the electrical industry and can be signposted to employees during the disciplinary process. View here.
  • JIB National working rules, outlines a minimum disciplinary procedure that JIB member employers need to follow. View the JIB Handbook.

Useful reads 

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