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ECA Guarantee of Work Scheme

The ECA Guarantee – A free benefit for ECA Members

The ECA Guarantee of Work provides a free benefit to the clients of ECA Members. If, once completed, works covered are discovered to be non-compliant with relevant technical standards, the works will be reinstated to be compliant with the relevant standards.

The ECA Guarantee of Work Scheme automatically applies to all Members’ work and, subject to its terms and conditions, removes the need to enter into an insurance-backed ‘warranty’ contract. 

The Guarantee of Work Scheme is Part P and TrustMark compliant.

An ECA Guarantee of Works Certificate (including terms and conditions) is available for Members to download to issue to their customers.

Features of the ECA Guarantee – which is FREE and AUTOMATICALLY APPLICABLE

  • Guarantees the technical compliance of electrotechnical materials and work carried out for a price between £250-£50,000. in United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
  • Electrotechnical work covers lighting and electrical wiring equipment, installations and all kinds of apparatus for the generation, transmission, utilisation or storage          of electricity.
  • These are works within Part P of the Building Regulations where the client is required to have approval/sign-off by building control. Whether the ECA Member self-certifies through NICEIC, it will get a substantial discount due to the ECA Guarantee of Works.
  • Covers ONLY remediation of defective work to required technical standards
  • Cover ONLY extends to materials, fittings or equipment specified by the ECA Member. Materials specified by the Client are NOT guaranteed to be “fit for purpose”, and such items, if wholly supplied by the Customer, are not guaranteed. Does NOT guarantee the economic performance, over   time, of renewables or energy-saving units or apparatus.
  • Cover extends to 6 yrs after completion (date of certificated compliance)
  • Cover is capped at £100,000 per customer per calendar year
  • To make a claim there MUST be sufficient evidence to show clearly the nature and extent of the contracted work
  • To make a claim the client Must first exhaust their complaint via the Member

ECA will arrange an inspection report for our purposes to ascertain what work is required to rectify the work to be compliant with relevant standards.

To make a claim please contact the ECA Membership Services Manager on

A Certificate for The Guarantee of Work Scheme, which includes the Terms and Conditions, is available for Members. This document can be downloaded and given to customers as proof of the Guarantee’s applicability. 

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Guarantee of Work Certificate


An ECA certificate template for the Guarantee of Work Scheme

Published 21 Nov 2016

T&Cs of Guarantee of Work Scheme


Outlines the Terms & Conditions for the Guarantee of Work Scheme