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Post-Brexit information and guidance

On 1 January 2021 the UK completed its transition from EU Membership.

The following includes selected Brexit-related information and advice that may still apply to affected ECA Members, post-Brexit.



Post-Brexit information and guidance

Key Topics

The following includes selected information from the ECA team, government and other industry sources.

24 May 2021


The slow-down of efficiency and productivity in early 2021 due to the pandamic is now indicating that due to a number of factors availability and prices of materials is rapidly escalating. This guidance considers the issues and identifies possible safeguards to be considered in understanding and managing the risk.

28 Nov 2020

Public Sector Procurement

This document outlines the portals available to win public sector contracts.

17 Sep 2020

CLC Data Protection Guidance

This guidance offers an overview of the current situation, the possible scenarios dependent on the securing of a trade deal with the EU, suggested mitigating actions, and other important information, plus useful links and resources. It is appropriate for all businesses across the industry and along the supply chain.

Employment and Skills - key links & information:

26 October CBI post-transition guidance (people)
Basic overview of key implications, including for existing employees and future recruitment
26 October CLC movement of people guidance
More detailed guide about the new points-based immigration system for recruiting skilled workers from outside the UK. ECA contributed to the contents of this guide, as a member of the Construction Leadership Council’s Movement of People working group.

The latest Government and other official information on UK Transition is at: 

Helplines to help any business doing business with the EU from 1 January:
in England, call 0800 998 1098
in Wales, call 0300 060 3000
in Northern Ireland, call 0800 181 4422.
Information on the regulation of machinery and equipment is at:

Import and export of goods

From 1 January 2021 the process for importing and exporting goods will change. Government guidance on what you need to do to continue exporting or importing is at:

Further Advice:

14 June 21

Availability of cable management products

Manufacturer’s body BEAMA has issued a further update on the availability of materials for the supply of metallic and non-metallic cable management systems (CMSs). It warns that long lead times for CMS supplies are expected to continue into Q1 2022, coupled with increasing raw material costs.

Click here for more information. 

05 Dec 20 Construction supplies availability
Build UK and the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply
have published a report on the supply of construction materials from
1 January 2021. The report can help businesses understand where goods
are manufactured and how they will be affected by changes in regulation,
currency fluctuations, transport arrangements and import duties at the
end of the transition period. The report is available here.

Technical Standards (including product safety):

24 Aug 21

UKCA product markings

UK requirements on product markings are expected to change from 1 January 2023 with the mandatory requirement for products to carry a UK Conformity Assessed Mark (UKCA).

08 Dec 20 All harmonised standards that give a presumption of conformity to EU law at the
end of the transition period will become ‘designated standards’ by the references
being published on GOV.UK. Businesses will be able to use designated standards
to provide presumption of conformity with GB law.
More details - here
28 Oct 20 CLC Conformity Marking of Construction Guide
CLC guidance on the conformity marking of construction products
after the expiration of the transition period with the EU (after 31 December 2020). 

From 1 January 2021 there will be three different product marks that
manufacturers, and others in the supply chain, may need to apply. 

Access the guide here
09 Nov 20 BASEC has issued information to help electrical and other engineering
services business to prepare for the imminent changes and ensure
cables remain compliant in the United Kingdom. Details are at:
  CE Marking - 2021 and beyond...
01 Nov 20 Confirmation from BEAMA/EDA that when wholesalers are checking
regulatory compliance, the CE mark will be used for the whole of 2021.
UKCA (UK Conformity Assessment) marking will not become a
requirement for most products until 2022. A BEAMA confirmation letter
is at:

Northern Ireland