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Down to Earth

Down to Earth

A guide to the commercial and contractual aspects to running a business

The 23 papers that this guide provides are available to reflect (i) members trading with consumers (domestic market), (ii) 'JCT' style contracting (iii), NEC contracts.

The papers provide a brief training guide highlighting issues members should either be aware about or beware of. The Down To Earth ‘book’ is targeted separately at members who contract with Domestic / Consumers, contract on a JCT style of contract, and those who are employed on an NEC form of contract. The advice reflects the different trading relationships.

Members are free to download and adopt the advice and by following its contents should trade better, more profitably and most importantly be alert to any traps they may unwittingly fall into.

The ECA suggests that each paper is read in the published sequence although more immediate demands are also catered for by each paper’s content.