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ECA/BESA Standard Amendments to the JCT 2016 Sub-Contract

ECA and BESA have compiled a standard set of amendments to the JCT 2016 Sub-Contract, for members to utilise.

The document is designed to ensure that some of the most fundamental risks to sub-contractors are addressed, from an ECA member’s perspective. This will allow members to tender using terms and conditions that adequately protect them from the risks critical to commercial and project success.

ECA is committed to fair and open competition and this document is not designed to dictate what may be an appropriate risk allocation, or act as a substitute for ECA members obtaining project and context-specific legal advice and making their own commercial decisions on what is appropriate.

Please  click here to download the new guidance  on ECA/BESA Standard Amendments to the JCT ICSUB.  

Please  click here to download  ECA/BESA Standard Amendments to the JCT ICSUB without guidance notes.