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ECA Debt Recovery Service

The Association’s Debt Recovery Service  is available to all Registered Members who having issued a valid claim for payment, find the final date for payment passes without a settlement.

Debt recovery can be a complex matter and the Association’s advisors welcome, encourage Members to make contact with the BPP staff who will discuss their situation and help them determine the best way forward.

The initial debt recovery letter will invite payment within 7 days.

The resultant delay may be avoided if Members are able to use the freely available advice service provided by the Association.

The Association’s contact details are as follows:

Effective Credit Collections Ltd operates the ECA Debt Recovery Service for ECA Members, Effective provide a free ‘Notice of impending action’ letter, their contact details and schedules of subsequent costs are available here.

Preferential fixed charges have been agreed with Effective for undisputed or undefended claims. However, if the matter is disputed or defended, charges will be made at preferential hourly rates.

The Association, its representatives and agents, reserve the right to limit this Member Service to those debts that are above £100 in value Consumer clients and above £150 for Commercial customers. In the event a member requests a letter before action, which falls below this threshold, the Association's debt recovery service will initially decline the instruction and advise the Association accordingly.

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