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ECA's Project Net Zero Roadshow

In 2023 ECA hosted the Project Net Zero Roadshow to give ECA Members an advantage in the growing net zero market.

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Net zero is changing the face of the electrotechnical sector, presenting huge opportunities.

Hundreds of ECA Members joined us at events across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man to learn more about Net Zero and low carbon opportunities. 

Sessions were aimed at supporting every area of electrotechnical businesses to support our Members to thrive and prosper in this market of opportunity.

  • Economic, social and environmental drivers behind the growth in the low-carbon sector.

  • Adapting your business model - How your business can benefit and grow through new opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Upskilling and managing your workforce -The importance and requirements for delivering low carbon and energy efficiency services.

  • Understanding the supply chain - How manufacturers and distributers are investing in delivering low-carbon products, services and support.

Keynote Speakers

Mike Pitts
Deputy Challenge Director, Transforming Construction, Innovate UK
Wyn Prichard
Director of Construction Skills and Business Strategy, NPTC Group


Watch out video to find out how it went:


#ProjectNetZero Resources

View the bespoke curated resources by our experts to support your business's net zero journey.

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