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Wellbeing resources for a healthier Christmas

During these times of uncertainty, those in the electrical trade may find not only their business and work being negatively impacted, but also their mental wellbeing.

The Electrical Industries Charity has provided some helpful links and resources to help manage stress and anxiety during arguably the most extraordinary holiday periods the industry has faced.

Christmas is going to be exceptionally challenging this year – here is a helpful guide from the BBC on how to keep the virus at bay during the festive period:

Covid: How to keep the virus at bay this Christmas

Children’s schooling has been fraught with challenges this year, not least for children’ and parents’ mental wellbeing. Here are some tips and guidance for support:

Guidance and practical tools to support children’s mental health during the coronavirus crisis

With many activities restricted this year, keeping children and families entertained during the Christmas holidays might be challenging. Here is a list of wellbeing activities for everyone to enjoy:

Coronavirus: wellbeing activity ideas for families

Lockdowns, working from home and tier allocation has caused distress for everyone in different ways. Mondays can feel especially bleak… here is some support for banishing the Monday blues:  

How to Beat the Monday Blues

This article provides information on key mental health identifiers to look out for in ourselves, our colleagues and our loved ones, and when to know the time is right to seek support from a GP or mental health professional: 

Is It Stress or Something More?

Boundary-setting can feel impossible during the pandemic. The days meld into one another and many of us spend more and more time at our workstations after hours. Here is some guidance on how to break the pattern:

How to set boundaries during COVID-19

For help and support from the EIC, contact our confidential Helpline on 0800 652 1618 and/or email us at [email protected]