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ECA exceeds carbon reduction targets

On World Environment Day, it’s worth taking a moment to celebrate ECA’s progress in reducing carbon emissions.

Much of our focus at ECA is on supporting our Members prepare for a net zero future, and rightly so. But ECA is also putting its own house in order. There is much to celebrate. Over our whole estate we have exceeded our carbon reduction targets. 

Energy tariff

We introduced a Sustainability Policy and Action Plan in 2022. This gave us milestones to work towards. Although we had already taken significant steps towards reducing our carbon emissions by the time the policy was in place. In 2021 we shifted to a 100% renewable energy tariff for the ECA estate. As the electricity grid itself becomes decarbonised this increases the positive impact on the environment. Of course, by reducing our energy use, we also reduce our energy costs. Our efforts are a win for the environment and a win for the business. 

Solar success

We’ve prevented over 12 tonnes of carbon being emitted in the last 5 years. Much of this success has been down to the installation of solar panels in Sevenoaks. Member firm, A J Taylor Solar, installed the panels and continue to maintain them. 

Even dull days generate energy. During January, February, and March this year, which was one of the wettest Springs on record, we generated more energy from the sun than in the same months last year. Overall, we are achieving a reduction in energy consumption each month, measured against the same period in previous years. This means we have saved 10 tonnes of carbon emissions due to the solar installation. We expect the panels to pay for themselves by 2027.

Energy efficiency

Rotherwick House is our most energy efficient building. Since we started measuring emissions, the carbon footprint of the building has reduced by a third. It clearly shows the importance of a ‘fabric first’ approach to carbon reduction. 

EV Charge Points

We’ve installed EV Charge Points at Rotherwick House and Sevenoaks which has led to an increase in staff using Electric Vehicles. The swich to EVs has saved another 2 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Dave Shrimpton, Facilities Manager, who oversees and measures our carbon consumption, says next on his wish list for capital expenditure is the replacement of the Rotherwick House gas boiler with a heat pump. But in the meantime, he reminds us we can all play our part in reducing energy use. Its as simple as remembering to switch off lights and machines at the end of the day and consider virtual rather than face to face meetings. And, whenever possible, using a clean energy vehicle as your means of  transport.