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General Election Campaign

The Prime Minister’s announcement of the General Election took some by surprise. But, for months ECA has been on a mission, calling on policy makers to address the shortage of electricians. 

Recharging Electrical Skills

Back in November we launched our Recharging Electrical Skills Charter in the House of Commons. The event was oversubscribed. The reason, because every political party knows finding solutions to the skills crisis is central to future success. Every business knows they cannot grow without a skilled workforce. And everyone is waking up to the fact electricians are crucial to society and the economy. 

Electricians are in the vanguard of the shift to net zero. Yet there are simply not enough of them. 

A safe transition to net zero

Electrification of the UK is expected to grow ten-fold in the next decade to meet our net zero targets.

The rapid electrification of the country creates complex challenges. We need skilled workers to install, maintain and integrate net zero technologies, safely. 

Professional electricians are key to the UK making a safe transition to net zero. The new government must step up to the skills challenge to prepare for an electrified UK.

General Election

In the heat of an election campaign, where many new issues will be raised, and manifesto pledges made, ECA remains consistent.  We continue to offer solutions, borne out of experience, to tackle the lack of skilled electricians. 


We have created a heatmap using recent data.  It shows the size of the electrical workforce in English constituencies. When it comes to apprentice recruitment and qualified electricians, some areas are almost barren. These are red on the map, showing the places where urgent action is needed. 
Make the electrical skills shortage a campaign issue.

This shortage reaches beyond the industry, it affects everyone. Using the heatmap, you can raise the issue with your local candidates on the campaign trail. Here are some things you might like to say:

  • Without professional electricians you cannot install or maintain low carbon technologies.
  • Without professional electricians you cannot guarantee the new tech. is properly integrated and therefore energy efficient. 
  • Without energy efficiency energy bills will remain high.
  • Without professional electricians you cannot guarantee the safe and reliable electricity we all have come to expect.

We asked Members and the wider industry to support The Recharging Electrical Skills campaign. Member supporters include; Actemium, Clarkson Evans, Edwin James Group, Darke & Taylor, and N G Bailey. They are joined by the Heat Pump Association, the Green Alliance, Renewables UK and many others. Check out the heatmap here.

To add your logo to the Wall of Support please contact