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A 24/7 digital GP in your pocket

Early intervention is key when dealing with any health concerns.

However, with the average waiting time to see an NHS GP rising to over two weeks, and the potential for the NHS to become overwhelmed in the current climate, how can you, your family, or your employees get the necessary diagnosis, treatment and support as quickly as possible?

Now, you can book to speak to a doctor the same day with the Babylon Digital GP app.

What is the Babylon Digital GP app?

  • Ask Babylon: The Babylon AI system can analyse millions of symptom combinations in seconds to provide initial health information.
  • Talk to a doctor, 24/7: Arrange a video appointment with a doctor any time of day or night, all on your mobile phone. Appointments are normally available within two hours of booking.
  • Referrals in minutes: GPs can issue open referral letters which can be used in conjunction with Bupa and some NHS pathways.
  • Prescriptions delivered: Your doctor can send prescriptions straight to the pharmacy of your choice for collection within the hour, or you can have your medicine delivered to your door.
  • Secure clinical records: Access your records, stored securely and available to you without delay.
  • Expertise: Doctors with an average of 10+ years' experience who are registered with the General Medical Council and accredited by Bupa.

Babylon could help your employees and their dependants speak to a GP on the same day, removing the need to take time off work and getting them started on any necessary treatment pathway, as soon and effectively as possible.

From 1 January 2020, all ECIS Private Medical Insurance schemes have included access to Babylon, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted virtual GP in your pocket. For more information on Babylon, email [email protected]