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A new era of fossil free travel

During the first lockdown in 2020, Adam Smith, like many of us, had rather more time to think. 

Adam is an operations manager and time served electrician, working for NRT, an electrical installation company. The pandemic was a shock, but he knew climate change was an even bigger threat to humanity. He saw an opportunity to use his professional experience to reduce fossil fuel emissions. And so, the idea of NRT Eco was born.

Adam’s first task was to sell the idea to the owners of NRT. It was a big risk to start a new venture during a pandemic. But the idea was solid and his initial plan to focus on retrofitting old housing stock to make it energy efficient, made good business sense. The company backed him to set up a specialist unit. But Adam wanted to go further, so he called on ECA.

With the help of Luke Osborne, ECA’s Energy & Emerging Technologies Solutions Advisor, NRT was able to pivot its business to renewable energy solutions. Solutions which include battery storage and solar PV. But most notable is their installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging points. NRT Eco have in a remarkably short time become a well-respected installer in the market. 

As well as making a big impact on the future of electric vehicles, NRT Eco is bringing jobs to Banstead and other areas of Surrey

NRT were ahead of the curve. By October last year the UK government had committed to a ‘green industrial revolution’ to put the UK on the path to net-zero by 2050. To reach this target, many electrical firms are looking at opportunities to pivot their business to renewable technologies. ECA can offer support and advice on the many products and processes, along with information about emerging opportunities.

The success of NRT Eco however wasn’t enough. Installing EV charging points to prevent fossil fuel emissions was one thing, but the team’s passion for energy efficiency made them realise there was more to be done. They wanted to showcase the rapid growth of EV charging.   Their newest venture is, of course, carbon neutral. It’s a cycle ride – between EV charging stations – marking a new era for electric vehicles.

Starting at NRT central in Banstead, the team will cycle 180 miles to MyEnergyLtd in the Lincolnshire Wolds, their partners in making EV charging pods. Their ride starts on 3 June 2021, you can follow their progress here

On the fourth day the team will set off for Braintree, 90 miles away. This is the home of Gridserve the UK’s first bespoke EV only charging service station. It is entirely powered by solar panels, making the energy produced there green and virtually carbon free. 

Adam and the team want to show us the future, show us what travel will look like by 2050. Their cycle ride is raising money for The Climate Coalition, a Non-Governmental Organisation which keeps Governments focused on the Climate Targets they have set. It will also raise money for those in fuel poverty. You too can support this vital work

The brainchild of a pandemic lockdown is now a five strong team. As well as making a big impact on the future of electric vehicles, NRT Eco is bringing jobs to Banstead and other areas of Surrey. The team plan to take on more trainees in the coming months. As the business grows, NRT Eco expects to create even more jobs further afield. 

If you’ve got an idea for pivoting your business to offer renewable solutions, why not have a chat with ECA who can give you up to the minute information about what is available for electrotechnical businesses. Visit this page for more.