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Changing the way we talk about mental health

I often find it interesting that most of us can talk about our physical health and issues freely. But when it comes to talking about our metal health, which you could argue is more important than physical health, people find it more challenging to open up. 

We all have mental health in the same way we have physical health, so why not be open about it? What gets in the way? One reason is linked to stigma around mental health. 

This is reinforced by all the pejorative language associated with poor mental health. For example, think about the words you know associated with labelling mental health; ‘nut job’, ‘loony’ or ‘crackers’ to name just a few. 

Now try and think of positive words or phrases that describe poor mental health... challenging, isn’t it? Yet our mental health is essential to feeling fulfilled and energised in our lives. 

Mental Health First Aid 

How can we affect change about mental health? One way is through mental health awareness and first aid courses. This training helps to reframe mental health in a more positive way.  It challenges some of the stigma and assumptions about our own and others mental health.

New online courses

ECA offers Online Mental Health First Aid courses. We have delivered both half day and two-day online versions and trained over 100 Members. 

It’s great to listen to people who attend our sessions talk about their mental health and share their experiences. This helps us all develop understanding and gain greater insight into mental health, which improves the working environment.

ECA offers training either directly for Members or via the Electrical Industries Charity. For more information contact your Regional Manager or drop me an email at [email protected].