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Return of private medical insurance
Return of the PMI is not the title of a new Star Wars movie… it actually refers to private medical insurance.

The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed society as we know it. We're all living differently, working differently and in many ways, thinking differently – how we access healthcare is also being handled differently. Luckily, from June, NHS England confirmed that all private medical treatment could resume.

This was welcome news, as many people may have ignored health concerns during the lockdown for fear of services being unavailable or because it meant them leaving their home to get help or advice. It’s vital that people don’t put their health and wellbeing on hold, and access medical support when they need it.

There are still concerns around obtaining treatment, with reports that tens of thousands of NHS patients could be waiting at least a year for treatment. This means private health services could be more beneficial than ever, helping to ensure employees are not off work awaiting treatment but instead are able to be treated and return to work as soon as possible.

Significantly in the prevailing COVID-19 situation, many services can be accessed while at home. Bupa offers Babylon Digital GP, which enables members to speak to a doctor either by video call or telephone on the same day, and usually within two hours of booking. Other benefits include:
  • Ask Babylon: The Babylon AI system can analyse millions of symptom combinations in seconds to provide health information.
  • Talk to a doctor, 24/7: Arrange a video appointment with a doctor any time of day or night, all on your mobile phone.
  • Prescriptions delivered: Your doctor can send prescriptions straight to the pharmacy of your choice for collection within the hour, or you can have your medicine delivered to your door.
  • Expertise: Doctors with an average of 10+ years' experience who are registered with the General Medical Council and accredited by Bupa.
There are many other Bupa services members can access for care and support, including access to consultants, nurses, therapists and GPs safely from home.    

To receive more information or quotations for the health and wellbeing service options available through ECA membership, please contact ECIS on 0330 221 0248 or at [email protected].