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National Collective Agreements

The Joint Industry Board (JIB)

ECA is committed, to working in partnership with Unite the Union, through the Joint Industry Board for the Electrical Contracting Industry (JIB) to ensure the electrical contracting industry develops the most effective industrial relations and safety standards and practices in the electrotechnical sector. Together we negotiate and agree wages and main terms and conditions of employment for electrotechnical employees in our sector. 

ECA Members are entitled to free membership of the JIB which provides the following:

  • Access to the JIB Benefits scheme including life insurance, disability benefit, SSP top up and BUPA healthcare (with medical history disregard).
  • Employment advice dispute resolution and a free mediation service for JIB operatives, apprentices, and the company.
  • The JIB scheme offers benefits directly to the apprentice including free ECS cards.  The JIB has an apprenticeship framework contained within the JIB Agreement.
  • ECS Check for Clients and Supply Chains – verify the ECS status of electrotechnical personnel working on projects.
  • The JIB Skills Development Fund offers financial training to access this fund is application based and offers training subsidy of up to 75% for selected courses. Please note the Skills Development Fund cannot fund any qualifications that are regarded as core competencies for an electrician ie AM2, NVQ etc find out more here. 
  • Occupational Health Assessments one free per operative every three years up to a value of £85.00 plus VAT. Learn more on the JIB website here.
  • ECS benefits include discounted rates for ECS cards, access to ECS Check for Clients and Supply Chains to verify the ECS status of electrotechnical personnel working on projects.  Access to the online Employer Portal to manage your ECS card renewals and access to ECS Health, Safety and Environment Assessments at a reduced cost by becoming a licenced centre. You can find out more details on the ECS website, here.

To find out more information on how to join, visit the JIB website.

More detail on the benefits of membership can be viewed here.

JIB Rates (2022-2023)

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JIB Industrial Determination (2024-2025)


Environmental Engineering Industry 

This Agreement applies to technical/managerial; supervisory; administrative and clerical staff; and student engineers.

The parties to this Agreement are ECA and BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) on behalf of the employers, and the Staff Association EESA, on behalf of employees.

The Agreement provides a job evaluation scheme to assist employers put in place a grading and pay structure for their employees.

The salaries set out in the Agreement are objectively and quantifiably linked to the salary levels which independent research shows are paid in the marketplace.

Two salaries are given for each grade:

  1. a grade minimum salary for the evaluated grade for an individual employee’s job description; and
  2. a guide salary for a fully competent employee which is intended to be an indicator of the salary paid to an employee who is consistently meeting the full requirements of the job.  The Parties to the Agreement recognise that the Agreement confers no prescriptive or contractual entitlement to a salary at this level and actual salaries will be assessed by employers taking account of all relevant factors.

Pay progression between the grade minimum salary and the guide salary for a fully competent employee is performance-based using a formal appraisal method developed and implemented in accordance with the guidance in the Joint Guidance Note contained in the Staff Salary Handbook of Agreements.        

The Staff Salary Agreement is available for Members to download and enquiries about this or the application, interpretation or implementation of the Agreement may be made to the Employee Relations Department

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