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Environmental Engineering Industry

Environmental Engineering Industry (EEI) Staff Salary Agreement

The Environmental Engineering Industry (EEI) Staff Salary Agreement applies to: technical/managerial; supervisory; administrative and clerical staff; and student engineers.

The parties to this Agreement are  ECA and BESA (building Engineering Services Association) on behalf of the employers, and the Staff Association EESA, on behalf of employees

The Agreement provides a job evaluation scheme to assist employers put in place a grading and pay structure for their employees – whether or not they use the EEI Agreement.

The salaries set out in the Agreement are objectively and quantifiably linked to the salary levels which independent research shows are paid in the marketplace.

Two salaries are given for each grade:

  1. a grade minimum salary for the evaluated grade for an individual employee’s job description; and
  2. a guide salary for a fully competent employee  which is intended to be an indicator of the salary paid to an employee who is consistently meeting the full requirements of the job.  The Parties to the Agreement recognise that the Agreement confers no prescriptive or contractual entitlement to a salary at this level and actual salaries will be assessed by employers taking account of all relevant factors.

Pay progression between the grade minimum salary and the guide salary for a fully competent employee is performance-based using a formal appraisal method developed and implemented in accordance with the guidance in the Joint Guidance Note contained in the Staff Salary Agreement.        

The Staff Salary Agreement is available for Members to download and enquiries about this or the application, interpretation or implementation of the Agreement may be made to the Employee Relations Department