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BSI Online Standards Library

Are you making the most of your membership?

  • Accessible to your appointed electrotechnical operatives 24/7.​

  • Including standards like BS5839-1, BS5266-1, ISO9001​ and much more.

    The ECA consults with Members every 3 months, to guarantee the library offers the latest and most relevant standards. 


  • ECA Members get huge savings through the exclusive subscription:
    £100+VAT to access 80 BSI Standards. Normal cost over £18,000!

  • All licences can be downloaded as time-strapped pdfs and viewed without Internet connection. The standard pdfs remain accessible in your files for up to 3 months.

Purchasing and maintaining installation standards can be an expensive and time consuming task. However, it is an essential requirement to ensure and prove your business is up to date with the installation requirements and best practice.

That’s why the  ECA has secured an exclusive subscription for all its Members to BSI Online Standards Library – saving each subscribing Member business over ten thousand pounds yearly!

The library features over 80 electrical and electronic installation British Standards. To see which Standards are currently available on ECA Members BSI online library, click here.

ECA Member rate for 12 month subscription:

£100.00 + VAT for 80 standards with access for up to 5 users 

Licences are valid for 12 months and renewal notices will be issued in advance of the licence expiring.

All of the certification bodies, including ELECSA, NICEIC, BSI, NSI and SSAIB have agreed that electronic access to Standards is acceptable for their respective certification schemes.In other words, ECA Members that have access to the online library no longer need to purchase hardcopies.

Read the BSI terms & conditions from here.

What standards are available?

To view the current 86 standards available, click here.

The following standard has been added in May 2018:

  • BS EN 50518-2:2013  Monitoring and alarm receiving centre. Technical requirements 
  • BS EN 50518-3:2013  Monitoring and alarm receiving centre. Procedures and requirements for operation 
  • BS EN 50174-3:2013+A1:2017  Information technology. Cabling installation. Installation planning and practices outside buildings
  • BS 7273-1:2006  Code of practice for the operation of fire protection measures. Electrical actuation of gaseous total flooding extinguishing systems
  • BS 9263:2016  Intruder and hold-up alarm systems. Commissioning, maintenance and remote support. Code of practice 
  • BS 8460:2017  Code of practice for the safe use of MEWPS
  • BS EN ISO 14001:2015  Environmental management systems. Requirements with guidance for use (added in May 2018)
  • BS 7346-8:2013 Components for smoke control systems Part 8: Code of practice for planning, design, installation, commissioning and maintenance 

The ECA consults with Members every 3 months, to guarantee the library offers the latest and most relevant standards. To have your say for the next update, complete our short survey here.

Having problems viewing the BSI Online Standards?

Some Members may experience problems using the online British Standards download service on the ECA website, this problem usually relates to the internet browser being used.

The BSI Standards are designed to work with the Adobe PDF software, either Acrobat or Reader. However if you are using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, these browsers contain their own PDF viewers, which are not compatible with opening and downloading the Standards.

Click here for step-by-step guidance on how to resolve this issue.

How can I add my colleagues to the licence?

To add your colleagues to the BSI online licences user list, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to My ECA and click BSI Documents
  3. Click ‘Manage BSI Document Users’ (on top of the listed licences)
  4. Click ‘Manage’ next to your current BSI Licence(s)
  5. This will open up a list of your current colleagues with ECA web accounts. To add them as BSI Online Licences viewers, click ‘Add’ next to their name.
    If your colleagues are not listed, please contact Members Services to add users.

You can purchase BSI Online Standards access for up to 5 users. (Please note, you can purchase multiple licences if more than 5 users require access to the library.)

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