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Apprentice Temporary Secondment

ECA's Apprenticeship Temporary Secondment scheme aims to keep apprentices employed within our industry. If your business has apprentices to 'loan'', or if you are seeking a temporary apprentice, contact your  local regional manager.

Arranging an apprentice temporary secondment through ECA

Apprentices play a crucial role. A steady flow of new talent is essential for business sustainability and growth. For an individual business, employing apprentices can also provide a positive net return on investment.

For many ECA members, there is nothing new about the temporary secondment or ‘loan’ of employees from one business (the lender) to another (the borrower). Sometimes this can include apprentices. Typically, this occurs either where the lender has a temporary shortfall in its workload, or where limits in the range of work which the lender performs (e.g. domestic only) make it difficult for its apprentices to complete the standard apprenticeship curriculum. In both situations, the borrower helps to fill the gap and keep the apprentice working and learning.

How ECA can help

ECA regional staff have a wide range of local knowledge and contacts which can be placed at your disposal, whether your interest is as a potential lender or potential borrower. This can include looking at including apprentices as part of a broader Loan Labour agreement or entering into a stand-alone apprentice secondment arrangement.
ECA specialist staff can also assist with expert advice and guidance on getting the detailed arrangements right. For more information, ECA Members can access our in-depth guide, entitled ‘Keeping Apprentices in Employment’ .

One of the key recommendations in the ECA guide is the importance also of early dialogue with the apprentice’s college/training provider, as they will need to be persuaded that any temporary secondment will support the apprentice’s learning and is, in a more general sense, in their best interests.

Next steps

For anyone interested in exploring the option of apprentice temporary secondment further, whether as a potential lender or borrower, ECA’s regional staff are your best first point of contact – click here for contact details.