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Useful Toolbox Talks, Forms, Guides and Templates

The following page provides a selection of practical documents that you can use or adapt to deliver a toolbox talk, write a policy, provide guidance, or create a health and safety related form. We have chosen the most popular areas to develop useful content for this page and it’s ordered in an easy to use table format. If you can’t find what you are looking for contact us for help and assistance.

Tool Box Talks


A ‘Toolbox Talk’ is an informal safety meeting that focuses on health or safety topics related to a job or site, usually facilitated by a supervisor. Meetings are normally short and are generally conducted at the site prior to the start of work. This general toolbox talk may be adapted as necessary to suit individual Member company needs.

ECATBT01Access and EgressNov 2019
ECATBT03WAH safe use of equipmentNov 2019
ECATBT04Hand ToolsNov 2019
ECATBT05LeptospirosisNov 2019
ECATBT06Buried ServicesNov 2019
ECATBT08NoiseDec 2019
ECATBT09Building Safety Standards Jan 2024
ECATBT10AsbestosDec 2019
ECATBT11Airbourne DustJan 2020
ECATBT12Manual HandlingFeb 2020
ECATBT13Slips Trips and FallsFeb 2020
ECATBT14FireFeb 2020
ECATBT15Fire ExtinguishersMar 2020

Site Vehicle Movements

Jan 2023
ECATBT17Fire StoppingOct 2020
ECATBT18Reporting A Near MissFeb 2023
ECATBT19Work in hot weatherJuly 2022
ECATBT20Safe IsolationMay 2023


This is a concise document that provides useful information on a specific health and safety topic.
ECAHSG01Stress and mental health issues - practical messages for senior and other managers14 Jan 2019
ECAHSG02OHA infographic - Employers17 Jan 2018
ECAHSG03Guidance on face masks and shaving 
ECAHSG04Occupational road safety 
ECAHSG05ECA guide to occupational health surveillance 
ECAHSG06ECA supporting information on HS policy statement 
ECAHSG07ECA HS Policy statement 
ECAHSG08Guidance on principles of rooftop solar PV retrofit installation07 Dec 2020


Forms are fixed layout documents for you to use and may help to assure uniformity of information collection.

ECAHSF01Sub-contractor basic health & safety capability form (Doc)Mar 2023
ECAHSF02Sub-contractor basic health & safety capability form (PDF)Mar 2023
ECAHSF03Assessment of young persons at work 
ECAHSF04Incident investigation proforma 
ECAHSF05Health & safety inspecting form 
ECAHSF06Site welfare assessment form 
ECAHSF07Worker involvement assessment form 
ECAHSF08Asbestos - client duty of care questionnaire form 
ECAHSF09Incident report proforma 


These are fixed format that provide the minimum shell for you to add information and customise the content.
ECAHST01PPE individual issue recordMar 2023
ECAHST02Health & safety arrangements checklist 
ECAHST03Health & safety training record template 
ECAHST04Quality StatementApr 2021
ECAHST05Drugs and alcohol statementApr 2021