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#ProjectNetZero Roadshow Agenda


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Please note: this agenda is subject to change.


  • Refreshments and opportunity to visit exhibitor stands 

Session 1: Energising Your Business: Understanding the Net Zero Vision

Delivered by Luke Osborne, Energy and Emerging Technologies Solutions Advisor, ECA

  • Helping ECA Members to address growing demand for low-carbon and Net Zero work.
  • Exploring the drivers behind the need for low-carbon work.
  • Outlining the reasons why ECA Members should embrace these new opportunities.

Session 2: Leading the Charge: Your Contribution to Britain’s Net Zero future

Delivered by Mike Pitts, Deputy Challenge Director, Innovate UK

  • Highlighting the government's strategy and its significance in motivating businesses to pivot towards low-carbon solutions.
  • Identifying key reasons for considering a business pivot towards low-carbon practices.
  • Understanding the benefits and potential impact of Net Zero policy on our industry.

Session 3: Wired for Success: Opportunities for Electrical Contractors

Delivered by Darren Crannis, Technical Manager, ECA

  • Discovering the various opportunities available for ECA Members to get involved in low-carbon work.
  • Identifying potential projects and partnerships in the low-carbon sector.
  • Exploring how ECA Members can contribute to achieving Britain’s Net Zero goals.

Session 4: Surge of Innovation: Building Net Zero into the Supply Chain 

Chaired Luke Osborne, Energy and Emerging Technologies Solutions Advisor, ECA with speakers from Luceco, Eaton and Greentech

  • Exploring how companies in the supply chain have adapted to changing customer and installer demands.
  • Understanding the reasons behind the shift to a low-carbon supply chain.
  • Highlighting successful case studies of companies that have effectively responded to changing demands.

Session 5: Powering Up: Understanding Client Needs for Net Zero Solutions 

Delivered by Paul Reeve, Director of CSR, ECA

  • Recognising the importance of low-carbon business credentials for commercial and public sector clients.
  • Exploring the reporting, frameworks, and standards that Members may need to demonstrate to compete for future works.
  • Understanding the reasons behind the demand for these credentials and their impact on business opportunities.

Session 6: Transforming the Workforce: Training and Skills Development for Net Zero

Delivered by Andrew Eldred, Director of Employment & Skills, ECA

  • Highlighting the benefits of becoming MCS accredited for ECA Members.
  • Identifying available upskilling training for low-carbon solutions.
  • Explaining the assessment process and the concept of 'Electrician +' in delivering these technologies and services.

Session 7: Business Sparks: Exploring Business Models, Opportunities and Risks in Net Zero Work

Delivered by Rob Driscoll, Director of Legal & Business, ECA

  • Discussing potential business models and contracts in the low-carbon sector.
  • Exploring the opportunities and risks associated with low-carbon solutions.
  • Insights on strategies for navigating and capitalising on these opportunities.

Session 8: Lighting the Way: Colleagues Charting the Course to Net Zero

Chaired by Gary Parker, Senior Technical Manager, ECA with speakers from Solaredge and ECA Members

  • A chaired discussion between Solaredge and ECA Members on how the drive to Net Zero has positively impacted their business.
  • Sharing lessons learned from businesses that have embraced low-carbon practices.
  • Presenting case studies that demonstrate the successful integration of Net Zero goals into business operations.

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