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ESF petition to stop sale of dangerous goods

Industry charity Electrical Safety First (ESF) is promoting a petition to stop the sale of dangerous electricals on online marketplaces

ESF says that in the UK, online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Wish are not bound to the same laws as traditional retailers.

This means that fake and other dangerous electrical products are being sold to unknowing customers. Containing sub-standard or counterfeit parts, they present a serious risk of fire or electric shock.

This petition will help to change the law so that online marketplaces will have to:

  • follow the same safety regulations as other UK retailers
  • make sure that electrical goods offered for sale on their sites by third party sellers are safe for use in the UK
  • ensure that any electrical products reported as unsafe must be removed from the site within 24 hours

To learn more and sign the petition, click here. 

Last updated 25 May 22