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ECA calls for safer public EV charge points

ECA supports the Government’s desire to increase the number of public EV Charge Points (EVCP). Its current approach, however, poses serious concerns about electrical safety in the public domain.

A Freedom of Information request by ECA in 2022 found that two thirds (66 per cent) of local authorities either did not have any strategy for EVCP installation or if they did, it failed to mention safety. 

ECA Head of Public Affairs Jane Dawson said:

“Installing electrical technology, including EVCPs, can be complex and dangerous, with the potential for endangering lives through fire, electric shock or grid outage. 

“EVCP Installers without adequate training do not have the level of competence required in other areas of construction. Training courses for local authorities must include installation considerations such as safety and competence.”

ECA, which represents nearly 3,000 electrotechnical and engineering services businesses across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, says the fastest way to speed up EVCP installations, and make the most of public monies, is for Government to fund industry recognised upskilling courses such as those with an Electrician Plus kitemark. 

At present, too many unrecognised short courses (including so-called bootcamps) and qualifications are getting the green light. These are not fit for purpose and are therefore wasting public funds.

To create consistent, high standards for EVCP installation, the installer voice must be heard on the new EV Infrastructure Forum, launched this week to discuss barriers to the delivery of charging infrastructure.

Last updated 20 March 24