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Gov't pilots decarbonisation scheme

The UK Department for Education (DfE) has chosen seven schools for an £18.6m Decarbonisation Pilot, with Graham, Kensa Contracting, and Dodd Group leading the project. The pilot aims to implement innovative decarbonisation measures in these schools, including new low carbon heating solutions and improvements to enhance thermal efficiency.

The DfE sees this initiative as an opportunity to explore greener heating alternatives and learn from the project's outcomes to accelerate decarbonisation efforts in the future. In addition to the low carbon heating solutions, the schools' building fabric will be upgraded, incorporating improvements such as new electrics, roofs, ceilings, doors, and windows, aligning with the government's drive to make educational buildings more environmentally friendly.

The contractors, Graham, Kensa Contracting, and Dodd Group, were selected through Fusion21's Decarbonisation and Heating & Renewables frameworks. This pilot project is part of the broader commitment of the UK government to promote sustainability and reduce carbon emissions across various sectors, with educational institutions serving as test cases for scalable and eco-friendly solutions.

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Last updated 07 August 23