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BSR Duty holder Regulations in force soon

New ‘Duty Holder’ Regulations that will implement the new building safety regime for England and Wales come into effect on 1 October. The duty holder regulations apply to all building works and new duty holder roles include ‘contractor’ and ‘principal contractor’. It is very important that all ECA Members understand the new duties, and that these have widespread implications and do not apply solely to higher risk premises (where there are additional duties).

To introduce the new duty holder Regulations, which are just part of a wider raft of legislation in support of the Building Safety Act and the new building safety regime in England and Wales, ECA has produced a summary of the new duty holder roles (for contractor and principal contractor) here. Please note these duty holder roles are not the same as the roles (of the same name) required for compliance with the Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM 2015).

Last updated 20 September 23