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SEA launches report to support move to energy efficiency

The Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) has launched a report, supported by ECA, detailing how government heat and buildings policy can shift towards delivering the most appropriate technologies for achieving the best outcomes.

The report brings together views from across the industry to analyse the state of policy, and how it can be made more technology agnostic.

It identifies a host of challenges with the Government’s current approach that act as a barrier to delivering in this outcome-based way. These range from industry communications and consumer advice activity, the short-term nature of policy phases and waves, to energy market arrangements and pricing, the EPC framework, labour and skills shortage for delivering these LCTs.

Steve Bratt, ECA CEO said:

“ECA believes a technology agnostic approach is the best way to achieve the UK’s net zero requirements. Our Members ensure that interrelated technologies are installed and maintained safely to achieve maximum performance. A collaborative approach is key to delivering an energy efficient, safe and clean environment. I welcome the solutions-focused approach to reaching this goal outlined in the new report”.

Read more about the report's release here. 

Last updated 30 January 24