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At a Crossroads

Five years ago Chris Skidmore former Minister for Energy and Clean Growth signed into law the UK’s net zero targets. The UK was first country to set legal targets, setting a global precedent. Last week, the Mission Zero Coalition launched its report, At a Crossroads, outlining the path to delivering the net zero goals. ECA and Actuate UK are part of the Misson Zero Coalition and contributed to the report. Ahead of the General Election Chris Skidmore said: 

"The launch of our new report, At a Crossroads marked the fifth anniversary of signing net zero into law. The report brings together a Coalition of businesses, industry network organisations and policy experts. On Thursday, we will see whoever forms the next government need to prioritise the net zero transition further and faster than ever before if we are to meet our target of decarbonising 68% by 2030. The report provides a comprehensive roadmap on what needs to happen not only in the next five years, but in the next 100 days and one year. I hope that the incoming government will use it as a template to deliver what we need to achieve to meet net zero. 

I am extremely grateful for the support and contribution that Actuate U.K. have made as members of the Power Generation Network of the Mission Zero Coalition. They have played an active and important role in shaping the report and its recommendations and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work together."

The report includes ECA’s Recharging Electrical Skills Charter as a recommendation to the new Government.

You can read the full Charter here.

Last updated 02 July 24