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Future of Green Skills in Sussex

A new report for businesses and job seekers based in Sussex draws extensively on evidence from ECA and ECA Members.

Quoting directly from ECA’s LSIP report it says Local Skills Improvement Plans:

“play a crucial role in tailoring the development of the electrical workforce to local needs, advocating for better collaboration between employers, education providers, and other stakeholders to enhance the quality and relevance of training provided."

It acknowledges the considerable challenges faced by the industry in recruiting a skilled workforce. 

"A large number of learners are enrolled do not lead to qualified electrician status, raising concerns about the efficiency of public investment and the actual utility of such courses. These courses attract a high number of learners, yet the progression from these courses to apprenticeships is disappointingly low (typically below 10%)."

The report concludes that collaboration is central to the future workforce. It states clearly that businesses, education providers and public sector must work together to understand how training provision and the supply of talent can meet the skills needs of industry. 

Last updated 06 June 24