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Training providers invited to report apprenticeship cost increases

Training providers in England are being given the chance to report on the cost effectiveness of delivering the popular Installation Electrician/ Maintenance Electrician apprenticeship standard. They have until 28 June to complete a survey which invites them to highlight areas where their costs have increased, and whether this means that current funding levels remain too low.

The survey, run by the Electrotechnical Skills Partnership on behalf of the employer group which oversees the apprenticeship, comes at the end of the first year of a new curriculum which also saw total funding per learner increase from £18k to £20k. The content and duration of the apprenticeship expanded at the same time, however, leading many providers to comment that this increase (which followed several years of frozen rates) was still not enough.

Members interested in seeing the survey questions can find them here.

ECA’s Recharging Electrical Skills Charter, launched in the Westminster Parliament last November, includes a call for adequate funding of apprenticeships.

Last updated 30 May 24