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Technical Bulletins

We regularly publish short & quick reference documents, keeping engineers and installers up to date on issues that impact their businesses on a daily basis.

Technical Bulletins are designed to offer good advice on specific technical questions received through our technical  helpline or via our network of branch and regional meetings.

BS 7671:2018+A2:2022  
Table 3A has been removed from BS 7671:2018+A2:2022 May-22
Clarifications made to the requirements for RCD testing Apr-22
Protection Against Overvoltage Apr-22
Precautions where particular risks of fire exist Apr-22
Installing and additional earth electrode in TN earthing systems Apr-22
Bonding of Outbuildings Apr-22
Date of Inception for BS 7671:2018+A2:2022 Apr-22
The use of BS 7288-type socket-RCDs and Regulations 531.3.4.1 and 531.3.4.2 Apr-22
Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDDs) Apr-22
HMO, care homes and purpose-built student accommodation definition Apr-22
Functional Earthing Apr-22
Installing an additional earth electrode in TN earthing system Apr-22
BS 7671:2018 
Technical Bulletin - Naming conventions for electrical installations  Apr-22
Technical Bulletin - Increased awareness of manufacture instructions and recommendations Feb-22
Technical Bulletin - Use of consumers electrical cabinet for additional equipment Oct-21
Technical Bulletin - Halogen and fluorescent lamp sale ban Aug-21
Technical Bulletin - Domestic consumer units not supplied by BS 88-3 fuses May-21
Technical Bulletin - EICR observation writing April-21
Technical Bulletin - Electrical Safety in the private rented sector May-20
Technical bulletin BIM Feb-20
BS 7671: 2018 Amendment 1 Feb-20
LED lights and circuit breaker selection Jan-20
Technical Bulletin - Working in the Republic of Ireland Jun-19

Technical Bulletin - AFDD and Sleeping Accomodation

Explanation of definitions related to sleeping accommodation.


Does Metallic Cable Tray / Ladder Require Bonding?

Many contractors, engineers and consultants find this topic to be confusing. The answer will depend on what the tray / ladder is used for.


Responsibilities for Passive Fire Stopping of Building Services Structural Openings

This bulletin reminds members of the vital importance of establishing contractual responsibilities for passive fire stopping around building services installations.

Use of YY CY SY Cables  
Technical Bulletin Surge Protection Devices  
Supplementary equipotential bonding  

Voltage Drop

Voltage drop in electrical designs and the requirements within BS 7671


IP Rating of Trunking

The trunking currently being used in electrical installations typically has an International Protection (IP) rating (otherwise known as Ingress Protection Rating) of IP3X where joints have been fabricated on site.


Recording of RCD times

Changes to BS 7671:2018 has resulted in altered model test certificates. The below guide highlights the reasons for these changes and what should be recorded.

Departures from BS 7671 Aug-18
Cable Supports Aug-18
RCDs and Socket Outlets Aug-18
Selectivity & Desk Studies Aug-18
Energy Efficiency BS 7671 Aug-18
RCD Types & BS 7671:2018 Aug-18

Cross-sectional Area of Neutral Conductors

Best practice advice based on one of the most frequent technical enquiries.


Wiring Accessory Replacement

This technical bulletin addresses the questions about wiring accessory replacement and provides best practice guidance which can be applied to both commercial and domestic locations.​


Joining Dissimilar Metals

This technical bulletin is designed to offer advice and guidance when working on and with electrical equipment of dissimilar metals that are to be connected, or joined together.


Electrical Installations After a Flood or Fire

Floods and fires of any magnitude can have detrimental effects on any electrical nstallation. This bulletin provides property professionals with clear advice on recognising these potential dangers.

Containment Methods for Fire Alarm Cabling Aug-20

BS 5939-6: 2019

April 2019 saw an update to the Standard for domestic fire detection and fire alarm systems.

Power over Ethernet (PoE): 2019 Sep-19
Internet of Things Security: 2019 Jun-19

CPR – IT and Telecommunication Cables

This Technical Bulletin is a useful tool for you and your client to explain what is expected in the publication of and its commercial impact regarding the Construction Product Regulations.