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Put electricians at the heart of the clean energy transition, says ECA

Leading electrotechnical and engineering services trade body ECA has welcomed the Green Prosperity Plan set out by Labour Party leader Keir Starmer in Scotland this week.

ECA, which represents over 60,000 electrotechnical professionals in the UK, has long called for viable solutions to reduce carbon emissions and increase the use of renewable sources of energy, with its members at the vanguard of the clean energy transition.

ECA Energy Solutions Advisor Luke Osborne said:

“I am delighted to see Labour’s plans to place the clean energy transition at the heart of Britain’s economy, but all parties must be reminded that these plans will not be achieved without a skilled and competent electrotechnical workforce at their core.

“Clean energy plans from both the current government and the Opposition have promised cheaper bills, more jobs and secure energy sources, but our members – electrical contractors and engineering services professionals – need support to safely install new infrastructure and connect Britain’s homes and businesses to a cleaner grid.

“Without strong investment in the electrotechnical sector and its workforce, the Opposition’s plans to lead a clean energy revolution risks quickly losing its credibility.”

To help the sector capitalise on the opportunities offered by Net Zero, ECA is launching a series of in-person seminars, called the #ProjectNetZro Roadshow, across the UK this autumn.

The association has invited speakers from across the political spectrum to attend the roadshows and see first-hand the importance of the electrotechnical sector to delivering a viable Net Zero future.

ECA is actively engaged in discussions with senior political figures about the issues that matter most to its members, including the green skills shortage facing our industry and the importance of listening to electrotechnical businesses who are central to the delivery of mass electrification.

Last updated 20 June 23