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Employee Relations

In today’s world, it is essential that employers have access to reliable information on employment issues and employment law.  The ECA Employee Relations team is here to provide that help and advice for members companies.

The ECA Employee Relations team is at hand to give help and advice to member companies on employment law and good employment practice. Issues dealt with by the department cover many topics including: recruitment, dismissal and all the issues that arise during employment. In addition, the team provides guidance notes - including sample letters - for the most common issues facing employers. We provide this assistance, both to those who are in membership of the JIB – including representation at JIB dispute hearings – and those who are outside the JIB.  

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Adverse Weather Conditions Guidance

(PDF, 152 kB)
Published 01 Mar 2018Last reviewed 01 Mar 2018

Major employment related court decisions of summer 2017

(PDF, 850 kB)
Published 18 Sep 2017Last reviewed 18 Sep 2017

Staff Salary Agreement

(PDF, 446 kB)
Published 07 Jul 2017Last reviewed 31 Dec 2018

Guide to managing ill health

(PDF, 419 kB)
Published 02 May 2017

Guide to Redundancy

(PDF, 706 kB)
Published 26 Apr 2017

JTC Newsletter - December

(PDF, 53 kB)
Published 30 Mar 2017Last reviewed 30 Mar 2017

Holiday Pay Development 2017

(PDF, 187 kB)Download

Staff Salary Agreement

(PDF, 446 kB)Download

ECA Employee Relations - Key Employment Data

(PDF, 310 kB)

July 2016


Equality Guidance

(PDF, 269 kB)Download

Lodging Allowance Form

(PDF, 131 kB)Download

TUPE Guidance

(PDF, 625 kB)Download

NJC Promulgation 2.16

(PDF, 206 kB)

2017-18 Review of The EEI Staff Salary Agreement


Guidance on Taxation of JIB Allowance - 2017

(PDF, 299 kB)Download

Guidance on Taxation of JIB Allowance - Jan 2014 - Dec 2016

(PDF, 199 kB)Download

Guide to living without the default retirement age

(PDF, 343 kB)Download

Amended Increases in statutory payments

(PDF, 219 kB)Download

Collective Redundancy Consultation

(PDF, 505 kB)Download

Guide to Shared Parental Leave

(PDF, 377 kB)Download

Guide to agency workers regulations (Oct 2011)

(PDF, 186 kB)Download

Guide to managing discipline

(PDF, 260 kB)Download

Guide to managing Grievance

(PDF, 336 kB)Download

Holiday pay changes - Important Notification for JIB employers

(PDF, 678 kB)Download
Oldest identified JIB Card owned by ECA member employee

Oldest identified JIB Card owned by ECA member employee

07 Mar 2018

As part of JIB’s 50th birthday celebrations, JIB has shared one of the very first JIB Grade Cards, belonging to Steven Holbrook, who was registered as a JIB Electrician in July 1969.

Taxation and employment status matters

Taxation and employment status matters

07 Feb 2018

ECA employee relations department have produced an article setting out a number of recent and forthcoming changes to taxation together with a brief outline of a Private Member’s Bill on employment status.

Unlawful collective bargaining inducements are costly for employer

Unlawful collective bargaining inducements are costly for employer

10 Jan 2018

Automotive supplier Kostal UK Ltd has been ordered to pay £420,000 in compensation. This comes after the Employment Appeal Tribunal heard the first appeal of Kostal UK Ltd v Dunkley and others under s145B of Trade Union & Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act (TULRCA) 1992.

First ECS Registered Electrician cards issued

First ECS Registered Electrician cards issued

15 Nov 2017

Two prominent members of the electrotechnical industry are among the first to sign up for the new ECS Registered Electrician status.

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